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“Providing quality governmental and public affairs services requires the same traits that make many businesses successful: having a complete understanding of your chosen field and knowing how to effectively put it to use for your clients or customers.”

                                   - Brian S. Hickey





Almost three decades ago, Brian Hickey started his firm based on the philosophy that hard work, extensive knowledge of government and establishing a proven track record of mutual respect with all levels of government would lead to success.  The firm's associates collectively have over one hundred years of expertise dealing with municipal, legislative and regulatory matters in Massachusetts.  In addition, comprehensive media and public relations, strategic planning and crisis management services are also provided to our client.


Our Philosophy


Brian S. Hickey Associates has been one of the top government services firms in Massachusetts for many years.  The firm embodies a total team concept, with each associate fully focused and versed on the specific needs of each client.  Thus the full resources of the firm are directed towards the successful resolution of each client's goals and objectives.  This approach has proven to be especially effective in the firm's lobbying efforts on a host of important issues.


Massachusetts Roots


Members of the firm come from all corners of Massachusetts.  We truly understand the characteristics, fabrics and history of the cities and towns across the state.  This has proven to be a unique advantage when dealing with complex issues, especially at the municipal and state government levels.  Massachusetts is our home and we are very proud of it.